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When my favorite spice line,  Tonguespank went on hiatus I started Salt Lake Spice Company using local small batch liquors and smoky hot salts. I have always wanted to see Tonguespank live on and grow so when the opportunity came to take the reigns and continue with it, I could not resist. I have the manufacturing facility and most importantly: the time and dedication to continue.
Most of the behind-the-scenes work has been done. Email accounts, social media outlets, facebook page and website have changed hands. Ingredients are inbound right now to our mixing and infusing kitchen. GREAT local Utah small-batch liquors are on hand for the infusions. The Tonguespank favorites will return soon and I have a NEW Carolina Reaper blend infused with local Utah award-winning small batch rye whisky soon to debut. Looking through some of the emails from the TS hiatus it really hit me what a great group of people they all are. Some of the emails were silly pleas for more heat, some were simple requests for updates, some were complaints about the site being out of stock. However, the ones that got to me most are the ones that said they feel like they have lost a friend. As we move forward with the new Tonguespank home, please bear with us as we transition to 100% Tonguespank.  We will still be using the full-size 1/2 cup spice bottles.  There will be hiccups, site glitches and other gremlins as with any new endeavor, but please know we are 100% dedicated to bringing all the Tonguespank friends back together again with our new friends. -James and Cazzy

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