Welcome chileheads!

If you are like me, your taste for hotter and hotter chiles is a never-ending hobby. When my bumper crops of peppers got to be too much to use in a season, I stared chopping and freezing them to use all year. However they turn a bit mushy and the seeds get discolored when freezing.

I tried making sauces that would store better but I don't really like the vinegar or fermented taste. After noticing the dehydrate setting on my fancy new stove, I started preserving them dehydrating and grinding them up! Using simple shakers I could shake on just what I needed and they keep for years. People have been preserving food this way for eons and it works great. This makes peppers easy  to take to work, camps, BBQs or sharing with friends and family.


While it's easy to just keep dumping more and more chili powder into food and burning your face off, I find  a balanced and complimentary blend makes enjoying hot peppers for more enjoyable. I have brought together many unique spice blends and infused salts with local and globally sourced ingredients I am sure you will enjoy.

Do you only sell \ ship to the USA?
For now, yes. I will be adding international shipping at actual cost shortly. If you really cannot wait, can contact us directly in the meantime for an overseas quote, 3 item minimum. tonguespank at gmail.

Why does my order sometimes get stuck in customs?
Because it smells wonderful......  to package sniffing dogs. Smugglers use all manner of salts and spices to mask their contraband and sometimes customs holds on to these spices to review the customs declarations or open the boxes to make sure it's just our yummy spices and salts.

Payment methods:
We currently accept Paypal and credit cards through Paypal. (You don't have to have a Paypal account to pay with a credit card through Paypal. Don't worry, it's easy).

How fast do you ship?
We normally ship next business day, but sometimes two. Often we ship same day. If the site says we have it in stock, we mean it. It is on the shelf ready to be shipped.

Why are you out of x spice or salt? When will you get more in?
All the different products sell at different rates. I do my best to keep up but due to the small-batch nature of many of the products, sometimes we run out and we just have to wait until we have enough product needed to make new batches financially feasible and keep the prices reasonable.