Citrus Rum spice blend


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Featuring Outlaw Distillery’s unique spiced rum, this new blend of aromatic spices, habaneros and citrus will make a perfect finishing blend for seafood and pork. The habaneros come on late after the cloves brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. Mix with a little sugar to bring a new heat and flavor to cocktails!

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Citrus Rum Table Blend This blend is a must-try for seafood and pork lovers. Three different citrus fruits combine with spiced rum and cloves to create a tropical combination, plus a dash of habanero heat at the end (because this is Tonguespank we're talking about, after all). Comes in a full size 1/2 cup square spice jar with shaker lid. 1.8 oz, 51G.   ** WE HAVE THE REFILLS STILL AVIALABLE AD WILL HAVE NEW BOTTLES SOON! **  

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