Tri tip with Bourbon Molasses rub!


This summer I have been testing countless batches of ribs, loins and roasts to finetune our new rubs.

The most tender result turned out to be a tri-tip with the Bourbon Molasses rub.

Lightly rub the cut and place under wrap in the fridge overnight. I smoked this cut with the thin tail of the cut tucked under the rest so it didn’t dry out.

Smoked at 225 for about 3 hours. I would normally let it rest for 10-15 minutes but I in this cook, I got busy and it rested for about 40 minutes in a cold oven. Internal temperature before removing was 160.

The bark was thin but sealed nicely. The first cut into the tough end showed a thick smoke ring and was very juicy!!

The rest of the cut was very tender and juicy, and the bourbon molasses bark was a perfect flavor!